I was nervous about getting adjusted. Everything was so sore that I didn’t think I could take any sort of pressure on my back. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and my energy levels were so low that it was difficult just to get up and get to the office to get adjusted. I had tried several different treatment options, including Chiropractic in the past, without success.

When I started seeing Dr. Hanson he explained the mechanisms behind fibromyalgia, assured me that it was not “all in my head,” and began a series of very light adjustments. Over the first few weeks I noticed that I was able to tolerate more and more pressure, and I began to feel my muscles relax and my posture change. I noticed my energy levels rise, and within a few more weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in the way my back moved during and after adjustments.

It has been a little over a year now, and I am back to work, my energy is high, and my pain is almost gone. I still need a little maintenance every once in a while, but I don’t feel like I have the weight on my shoulders that I did before.”

Sharron, 27, Fibromyalgia

“When I came to see Dr. Hanson I had already been in severe pain for several months. I had pain like this before, but it had always seemed to resolve on its own. Not this time. It hurt to get in and out of my car. It hurt to stand up. Pain would shoot down into my thigh and into my leg. I own my own business, and it’s a very physically demanding job. The pain was so intense that I was unable work.

I began treatment with Dr. Hanson, and it was a slow road at first. Dr. Hanson was patient, and even sent me for a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, who told me that I had severe degeneration of one of the discs in my low back, but that at this point I should continue conservative care before considering surgery. I am glad I did.

It has now been 3 years since I started seeing Dr. Hanson, and the pain has been completely gone for about two and a half of them. I am back to work full-time, and back in the gym 4 times a week.

I truly believe that this kind of care has helped me to avoid surgery.”

Kevin, 44, Low Back Pain

“When I first came to see Dr. Hanson, I had not slept in 3 days, and my headache had been present for over a month. The pain was so severe that I had to have my wife drive me to his office. At the time I worked in the insurance industry and I had to call in to take a leave of absence. The back of my head hurt, the back of my eyes hurt, bright light hurt, I was miserable. I was a boxer when I was younger, and I was used to working through pain, but this just wouldn’t let up.

Dr. Hanson explained how the reversed curve in my neck and the subluxations at the top of my spine could cause my headaches, and we began working together to correct them. After about a week, the headaches were getting better. After two and a half weeks I was back to work. After three weeks, the headaches were an on and off occurrence and I was back to driving myself. After a month, I thought “what headache?”

It has been over a year now and the headaches haven’t returned.”

The irony here is that at the time, Larry worked for a health insurance company…the very same company that was supposed to cover, but later denied the coverage that got him back to work. I had to laugh at that one.
~ Dr. Hanson

Larry, 38, Headaches

“Ela struggled with ear infections almost since she was born. It seemed like she had an ear infection every month. I was considering having tubes put in her ears, but was hesitant to do something so invasive.

I had heard about Chiropractic and its potential to help children with chronic ear infections, and was referred to Dr. Hanson through a friend. I was relieved to see that he had small children himself, and was very comfortable and experienced adjusting children. He was patient and gentle with Ela, and after a few weeks of adjustments he took another look inside her ears and saw that the signs of infection were gone. I took her to her pediatrician who noticed the same thing.

After almost two and a half years with an infection almost every month, I am happy to say that it has now been over 6 months with no ear infections or antibiotics!”

For those who are unfamiliar with the connection between Chiropractic Care and chronic ear infections in children – find out more.

More research:
“A promising study published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics indicates that there is a strong correlation between chiropractic adjustments and the resolution of ear infections. 332 children with chronic ear infections participated in the study. Each child, ranging in age from 27 days to 5 years, was given a series of chiropractic adjustments. The results show that close to 80% of the children did not experience another ear infection within the six-month period following their initial visits.” Source

Amber, 40 (Ela’s mom), Ear Infections

“When I first brought Michael to see Dr. Hanson he was almost 8 years old. He had suffered with eczema since he was an infant. Along with his eczema symptoms he had red, itchy eyes and a stuffy nose almost constantly. We had seen an allergist, tried the cream, the steroids, the inhalers, Allegra, and allergy shots. There was some relief of the nasal congestion, but not with the eczema.

I suspected a food allergy and was looking for a more natural way to relieve this when I found Dr. Hanson online, and decided to give it a try. He was tested with Dr. Hanson’s biofeedback machine, we found that he did have several food sensitivities. He was treated for these with cold laser stimulation and within a few visits we began to see results.

Today Michael looks and feels significantly different, and I am relieved to have him off of his medications”

Tamara, 45 (Michael’s mom), Eczema

“When I brought Shawna to Dr. Hanson, she was 3 ½ years old, and I was very skeptical. Still, I was curious to see if this non-invasive treatment could help her with her digestive problems. We knew that she had multiple food sensitivities. Whenever we gave her fruit of any kind she would experience cramping and severe diarrhea. We noticed that her food sensitivities also seemed to play a role in her other diagnosis; Shawna had been diagnosed as mildly autistic. The foods that played a role in her digestive problems also seemed to play a significant role in her attention span and mood.

As we worked through the treatments, I was amazed to see that her food intolerances disappeared. We tested this again and again and found that fruit was now tolerated without any problems. The biggest surprise was that her mood, attention span, and communication improved dramatically. I was so impressed with Shawna’s results that I flew my mother in from New York for treatment!

It has been 3 years since our experience at Dr. Hanson’s office and Shawna is now enrolled in first grade and doing excellent. I would recommend with confidence this treatment to anybody suffering the way Shawna was.”

Manny, 44, Autism (mild with food allergy triggers)

“I was involved in a serious car accident almost two years ago. My father, along with the other driver, was seriously injured. I didn’t think I was seriously hurt at the time, so I didn’t seek care. My neck hurt, but I thought it would just go away on its own. After six months, it was getting worse instead. I went to my primary care doc, who took x-rays and said I had a little arthritis in my neck. He gave me some pain pills. I have seen what can happen to people who get addicted to those kinds of meds, so I didn’t take them…I just thought I would have to live with the discomfort.

The discomfort got worse, and the headaches started. They got continuously worse. It was to the point where I had to wear sunglasses if I went outside in the daylight because the light would make my headaches (which were at that point constant) that much worse. I tried non-prescription pain killers, which didn’t even touch the headaches.

When I walked into Dr. Hanson’s office for the first time I was in serious pain. The headaches had been keeping me up at night, and the sunlight made them worse during the day. He examined me and explained the connection between my whiplash injury, my neck pain, and my headaches. He adjusted my neck on the first visit and I immediately sat up amazed. It was if the headache disappeared instantly. I was convinced that I could get rid of, and stay rid of my headaches naturally on day one.”

Tommy, 42, Car Accidents / Delayed onset of symptoms

“I was treated following a motorcycle accident over 30 years ago by a doctor who prescribed me a medication that I was allergic to, then wrenched my neck and made it worse. I had sworn off Osteopaths and Chiropractors ever since until my friend Lisa all but dragged me into Dr. Hanson’s office.

I had been told by my Orthopedic Surgeon that I may need surgery for my neck pain and degenerative disc disease. I had already suffered for years with severe frozen shoulder syndrome as a result of this problem, and had gone through 24 weeks of physical therapy and a shoulder surgery without what I would call successful relief.

I was extremely apprehensive, but Dr. Hanson explained my MRI results to me, explained what Chiropractic was, and what to expect. I finally let him begin treating me. That was 3 weeks ago. After 30 years my neck does not hurt. In fact, it actually feels normal. I am out doing yard work; I am sleeping through the night…who would have thought I could get these kinds of results with something so simple and painless?

I wish I would have known about this 30 years ago, but better late than never!”

Cathy, 67, Neck Pain/ Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

“A friend of mine drove me to Dr. Hanson’s office for my first visit. I couldn’t walk without help, and I certainly couldn’t drive. I hadn’t been able to work for a few days because I couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes without severe pain in my low back extending down into my legs. I had gone through an L4-5 fusion for this pain years before, but the pain never seemed to completely go away, instead it got steadily worse.

I had to have my friend and the staff at Dr. Hanson’s office help me onto the table on my first visit. He took my history, looked at my back and my medical records and told me that there was still hope for me.

That was 3 months ago. I am now back to work full time, off all pain medication, and even though he advised against it, 2 weeks after my first treatment at his office I was walking (for 6 hours) at the Florida state Fair!

I know that I still need some work, and I have a T.E.N.S unit for home use that I got on my second visit, but there is a huge difference between now and the first day I came in…and I am looking forward to AVOIDING another surgery.”

Lisa, 49, Sciatica (severe) following surgical complications

“It was a co-worker who told me that Chiropractic might be able to help me with my TMJ problem. My jaw would ache, click, and make chewing difficult. I had already consulted with my dentist, and was considering a splint, but the cost was over $2,400.

At my friends urging I decided to give Dr. Hanson’s office a call. He took a look at my jaw, said he had seen plenty of patients with problems like mine, explained that one side of my jaw opened later than the other, examined me, and began treating me on my first visit. When he first adjusted my jaw it was surprising to say the least. It didn’t hurt, but I hadn’t felt my jaw move like that or make a noise like that before.

I kept going, and after 2 weeks I could start to tell the difference. After a month the pain was gone, and so was the clicking sound.

The bonus? My low back doesn’t ache anymore either! (It’s not the reason I went, but we figured while I was there we might as well give my whole body a tune-up!)”

Michelle, 27, T.M.J. Disorder (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

My fingers used to go numb daily. It was very annoying, and I was worried that I was losing grip strength. I was convinced that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was considering surgery.

My wife had seen Dr. Hanson, and she urged me to give his office a call. After my initial exam and consultation, he told me that I may have what is known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a condition that can sometimes seem like carpal tunnel syndrome, but is treated differently; without surgery. He worked on my neck, the muscles in my chest, gave me stretches to do at home, and adjusted my elbows and wrists.

That was almost two years ago. The symptoms have improved dramatically, and even though I sometimes have flare-ups, I know what to do on my own, and when to come back for another adjustment or two to keep my symptoms in check.”

Al, 53, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

“I was referred to Dr. Hanson by my primary care doctor. He told me that my food sensitivities may be contributing to my Psoriasis symptoms. He explained that there was a treatment that combined cold laser therapy with acupuncture principals to re-train my body, and possibly reverse this type of condition.

It took about 6 treatments, but my digestive problems cleared up, and sure enough, my Psoriasis, which I had been dealing with without success for years cleared up almost completely.

I am extremely happy with the treatment I received, and am impressed that my primary care doctor was open-minded enough to recommend a treatment that is outside of the normal scope of steroids and medications.”

Matthew, 33, Digestive Problems/leaky gut syndrome