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Asia Her of Rebalance Therapeutic Massage is an Independent Contractor providing massage therapy to patients receiving care at Tampa Central Chiropractic.
He graduated from Cortiva Institute of Florida where he received several massage certifications and graduated with academic honors. He has additional training in neuromuscular therapy (deep tissue), myofascial release and cupping. 
He is a member of the American Massage Council, & Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida (MA79465) since 2015.
Asia has 8+ years of experience at Massage Envy. This is where he molded his skills to thoroughly meet the needs of each individual he works with. He gains great joy from treating patients and fulfilling their needs to help them relax, gain more mobility and flexibility from their therapies. He strives to make sure each client of his to walk out in less pain than when they walked in. He is a passionate believer in holistic medicine and the benefits of Chiropractic care and its relationship with massage therapy. 
Outside of helping patients, Asia spends his off time with his wife and three boys, enjoying the Florida weather with anything outdoors. Working out along with playing sports with his sons is some of the hobby’s he likes to fit in daily. 
Services offered include:
Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point Therapy, Assisted Stretching, Cupping Therapy, Prenatal, Lymphatic Drainage & Swedish. All treatment sessions will be tailored to each patients goals and needs.
You might be surprised but Lower back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide. In fact as many as 50% of all working adults in the USA complain about having some kind of back-related ailments each year. Additionally as many as 8% of all adults will experience some kind of back pain within their lifetime. Back pain is also the most common cause for missed work and the second most common reason for doctor visits. Surprisingly Massage Therapy for back pain is one of those most effective ways to treat it and get back to your life. 
The primary cause of your Lower back pain are trigger points.
Trigger points can be very tender and cause generalized musculoskeletal pain if overstimulated. Trigger points are an area of the body that is sensitive to stimulation or irritation and can have an effect on another area of the body. 
MyoFascial Release is used to treat issues that correspond with trigger points. Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that occurs in sheets and lays beneath the skin and the muscles. This is a process of performing soft tissue therapy that treats the immobility and pain of the skeletal muscle and is intended to help relax contracted muscles , stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles as well as improve the flow of blood and lymphatic circulation. 
To get the best massage in Tampa Bay. Come to Tampa Central Chiropractic 16105 N Florida Ave Unit A, Lutz, FL  33549. For more info or to schedule an appointment call us at (813) 442-8778
John Norman
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Without question THE BEST massages I have ever had! Asia is a consummate professional who has mastered his craft! I went to see him for my first session at a pain level of 9-10 in my upper back and neck. Entering session 2, I was down to a 7. Going into session 3, I was at a 5 and I just finished session 4, where I entered at a 3. 48 hours later, I am down to a 1-2 pain level. It has been a night and day difference in my quality of life and ability to sleep! HIGHLY recommend you give him a try!!
Stephanie Voth
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Asia is AMAZING! I’ve been a client for well over 5 years. He is very talented. He keeps his education up and is able to do massage and stretching. I have found him to be one of the best in Tampa. He genuinely cares for his clients well being and it shows. I highly recommend!!
Andrew Creech
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Asia is a phenomenal massage therapist, who has helped care for my bad back and chronic pain with great effectiveness. When I am done, I feel relaxed, recharged, and ready to face the week. There are few who are as professional and talented. Stop reading this review and book an appointment!!
Anita Swingle
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Asia is fantastic! He is a wonderful masseuse! I have been receiving therapeutic massage from Asia for the last 7 years. He is extensively trained, knowledgeable, so kind and understanding, has such patience and really listens to customize his treatments for your unique needs. I have been able to avoid surgery with his help and expertise. Thank you Asia!
Justin Yant
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Absolutely thrilled with the services provided by Asia! Not only does he have an intuitive touch that melts away tension and stress, but he also incorporates cupping into the sessions, targeting areas that need extra healing. This combination has been a game changer for my overall well-being. His expertise in both modalities ensures that I leave every appointment feeling rejuvenated and balanced. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone seeking a holistic approach to massage therapy.
Noel Lyons
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Website is easy to navigate & got an appointment no problem! The place is super clean and felt very welcomed the whole time. Had a regular at my restaurant refer me to Asia. He was absolutely amazing. Listened to my needs and made my experience perfect. You can really tell how educated, knowledgeable, and caring. True passion & talent!
Amy Meadows
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Well what can I say? I typically do not let a man massage me, that is up until I met Asia just about a year ago at the gym we both work out at. He gave me a 20 minute massage and I was sold. I have been getting massaged now by Asia at least once month. He has been extremely helpful in reducing the pain caused from the 3 tears in my rotator cuff. Besides helping with my shoulder pain, his massages are so nice that I can actually relax and am ready to fall asleep when it is time to turn over or my time is up. I highly recommend him. If you're like me and unsure of having a man massage you, I can assure you that Asia is completely respectful and will make you feel very comfortable and at ease. Enjoy!
Melissa Mora
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Asia is absolutely fantastic. He takes time to understand your concerns before starting and then targets those problem spots to ensure relief and better flexibility. Asia also takes time to explain stretches to focus on based on the problem areas. I recently went to Asia due to some shoulder tightness and I felt so much better following my massage.
Hayley Harris
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If anyone needs a massage therapist I 110% recommend!! I always leave feeling super refreshed & any pain gone! Asia is the best! Super accommodating and helpful also super easy to talk to!
David Lee
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Since opening my restaurant, my carpal tunnel from years of typing and working with my hands has got worst. On top of this, my shoulder and arms have been bothering me every day trying to get use all this new movements from cooking and cutting meats/veggies. After just one treatment and session, I woke up today with no more pain! Thank you Asia for healing me! If you have pain in any parts of your body, I highly recommend booking with him, you won't be disappointed!
Julia Mandish Matthews
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Asia brings to the table experience, talent, knowledge and a heart for what he does. His passion for people and their well-being is so evident in his work. He listens to the needs of the client and then communicates with them in order to meet each clients specific needs. His holistic approach enables him to give each client the experience they truly have come for!
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I definitely felt rebalanced after my session with Asia! I love deep tissue massage and am very picky my masseuse, I give one chance and if it’s not a fit I move on. I had my first massage last Monday and just booked a 90 minute deep tissue with him in a couple weeks. He is very knowledgeable and communicated with me throughout. Thank you, Asia!
Riley Ly
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I highly recommend Asia, he can rekindle your body’s tension from top to bottom no doubt! With many years of experience, he is keen to know every spot of pain; leaving you painless! It is so worth it after a long week of work or a weekend of Orlando adventures!! Not only is he very experienced in his field of work, he is also very sweet and friendly. He genuinely creates such a comfortable space for his customers! Many friends and families that I’ve recommended him to have went to him more after their first appointment! I recently moved to a different state so I’m very saddened by the distance but PLEASE don’t take your stay in Florida for granted and take the time to schedule an appointment at Rebalance Therapeutic Massage!!
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