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Asia Her of Rebalance Therapeutic Massage is an Independent Contractor providing massage therapy to patients receiving care at Tampa Central Chiropractic.
He graduated from Cortiva Institute of Florida where he received several massage certifications and graduated with academic honors. He has additional training in neuromuscular therapy (deep tissue), myofascial release and cupping. 
He is a member of the American Massage Council, & Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida (MA79465) since 2015.
Asia has 8+ years of experience at Massage Envy. This is where he molded his skills to thoroughly meet the needs of each individual he works with. He gains great joy from treating patients and fulfilling their needs to help them relax, gain more mobility and flexibility from their therapies. He strives to make sure each client of his to walk out in less pain than when they walked in. He is a passionate believer in holistic medicine and the benefits of Chiropractic care and its relationship with massage therapy. 
Outside of helping patients, Asia spends his off time with his wife and three boys, enjoying the Florida weather with anything outdoors. Working out along with playing sports with his sons is some of the hobby’s he likes to fit in daily. 
Services offered include:
Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point Therapy, Assisted Stretching, Cupping Therapy, Prenatal, Lymphatic Drainage & Swedish. All treatment sessions will be tailored to each patients goals and needs.
You might be surprised but Lower back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide. In fact as many as 50% of all working adults in the USA complain about having some kind of back-related ailments each year. Additionally as many as 8% of all adults will experience some kind of back pain within their lifetime. Back pain is also the most common cause for missed work and the second most common reason for doctor visits. Surprisingly Massage Therapy for back pain is one of those most effective ways to treat it and get back to your life. 
The primary cause of your Lower back pain are trigger points.
Trigger points can be very tender and cause generalized musculoskeletal pain if overstimulated. Trigger points are an area of the body that is sensitive to stimulation or irritation and can have an effect on another area of the body. 
MyoFascial Release is used to treat issues that correspond with trigger points. Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that occurs in sheets and lays beneath the skin and the muscles. This is a process of performing soft tissue therapy that treats the immobility and pain of the skeletal muscle and is intended to help relax contracted muscles , stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles as well as improve the flow of blood and lymphatic circulation. 
To get the best massage in Tampa Bay. Come to Tampa Central Chiropractic 16105 N Florida Ave Unit A, Lutz, FL  33549. For more info or to schedule an appointment call us at (813) 442-8778
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