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If you or your loved one have recently been involved in a auto accident and are looking for a local auto accident chiropractor in Tampa FL, you may be overwhelmed with the different options and chiropractors in Tampa that mention auto accidents on their website. Tampa Central Chiropractic offers first-class specialized chiropractic care and comprehensive treatment options for those who have been injured in an automobile accident and would like the best possible path to recovery without dangerous drugs or invasive procedures that may not be necessary for your injuries. 

Our auto accident chiropractic clinic  offers walk-ins and same-day appointments for car accident victims and our staff is fully trained and ready to help you every step of the way, from treatment to filing the proper paperwork with your insurance or PIP.  

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When to See an Auto Accident Chiropractor in Tampa

You should go see an auto accident chiropractor in Tampa as soon as possible to seek treatment and to begin your road to recovery and feeling whole again. The sooner you start treatment the sooner you will feel better and avoid lasting pain and discomfort that could potentially require more serious medical intervention if left untreated. 

In addition, if you have been injured in a car crash in Tampa or Florida in general, you are required to seek medical treatment within 14 days to not lose PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits which may be critical for paying for your medical treatments. 

Top 5 Reasons You Should Trust Tampa Central Chiropractic for Auto Accident Injuries

Experience– For over 15 years we have been specializing and helping car crash victims recover from their injuries and we have gained the experience necessary to provide not only great chiropractic care related to getting you back into full health, but we know the ins and outs of the legal process and insurance requirements for PIP benefits. 

Comprehensive Treatment Options– When you are involved in an automobile accident and have sustained injuries, you want to be sure that the chiropractor you choose has the best treatment options specifically for car crash-related trauma. Tampa Central Chiropractic provides specialized post auto accident care, physical therapy and a fully equipped facility to help you get back to feeling your best.

Modern and Well-Equipped Treatment Facility– When you come to Tampa Central Chiropractic after a car accident, you will instantly see how well equipped we are to treat automobile accident victims. From fully equipped exercise and physical therapy rooms, electro muscle stimulation, to modern diagnostic equipment and X-rays, we are able to provide everything you would expect from fully equipped auto injury treatment center.

Outside Specialists– Tampa Central Chiropractic works closely with outside specialists to make sure patients suffering from injuries after a car crash, get the best treatment no matter the injury or diagnosis. If you need an orthopedic surgeon, or even a personal injury attorney, we will do everything to make sure you get the best help you need.

Walk-ins and Same Day Appointments – Early treatment is critical when it comes to quick and effective recovery after a car accident, this is why we offer same day appointments and  even welcome walk-ins

Personalized Treatments For Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident victims may not always notice pain symptoms or their injuries right away. However, they often experience some sort of discomfort within 24 hours of being injured. The most common auto accident injuries we can help you with are:

Back Pain – Back pain is one of the most common injuries associated with auto accidents. The reason behind this is because the spine is designed to move and bend but if it is forced out of alignment, then the pressure on major nerves can cause very uncomfortable back pain.

Whiplash– One of the most common auto accident injuries is when someone is involved in a rear-end collision, their head tends to whip forward due to inertia causing the neck to snap backward. This sudden movement causes whiplash and can lead to severe neck pain, stiffness.

Herniated disk– A herniated disk is a condition caused by a bulging or protrusion of a part of the disk into the spinal canal. It usually happens when the disk moves out of place from the normal position.

Headaches – Headaches are another common symptom of an auto accident-related injury. They can result from muscle tension, stress, or other factors, but If you experience frequent headaches after an auto accident, it could be a sign that you have suffered a concussion.

Numbness/Tingling Down Into Legs – Numbness and tingling down into the lower extremities is another common symptom of an automobile accident. This can happen if there has been a nerve injury or damage to the sciatic nerve.

Soft Tissue Injuries– Soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains, contusions, and bruises. These types of injuries are typically caused by twisting or jarring movements and can be very painful.

Shoulder Injury – Shoulder injuries are among the most common injuries related to auto accidents. The shoulder joint is composed of three main parts; the clavicle, scapula, and humerus. When these bones are broken, dislocated, or otherwise misaligned, it can cause significant shoulder pain.

If you have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing the above-mentioned injuries and symptoms, please call our office right away, we can get you in the same day to get you examined and started on a chiropractic treatment plan.

Freaquently Asked Questions

Florida is a no-fault state which means that your own PIP (personal injury protection) which drivers are required to carry, will cover up to $10,000 in medical costs.

Personal Injury Attorneys love working with chiropractors not only because they are professionally trained to provide treatment for injuries but because they can determine and document the extent of the injuries, both present and potential, which can serve as important evidence in helping them win a personal injury case for their client. 

Yes! We work with orthopedic doctors, neurologists and other specialty doctors to make sure our patients have the best options when it comes to treating their injuries.

Your duration of treatment will depend on the severity of your injuries but in most cases those involved in an automobile accident on average will be treated for 30-90 days. 

In most cases your treatments will be covered by PIP (personal injury protection) insurance if you or the other party at fault have the proper insurance coverage. If PIP is not an option, your health insurance will likely cover the cost of treatment if its deemed necessary. If Insurance is not an option, we provide affordable options and usually provide first time patient visit discounts as low as $35. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to check your insurance and let you know the exact out of pocket costs you will have if any.


PAtient Testimonials

Alex Petroff

Really good chiropractor. Great staff. they help a lot after car accidents to get back to your normal self.


Great facility, truly feels like family. I was well taken care off after my accident and got a lot of my health issues resolved with regular chiropractic care. And also it’s a pretty convenient location, parking is always available. In and out

Trevor Coleman

If you are in need of a chiropractor, look no further than Dr. Dale. Very pleased with his service and knowledge. I cannot recommend him enough.

Patricio Diez

I had an excellent experience and my back feels great! Thank you Dr. Hanson for giving me back my energy and overall well-being.

Ashlyn Douglass

Dr.Hanson is amazing! Very professional from start to finish! Highly recommend!

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